Swings, Part Two

I have 22 minutes before I have to leave for a meeting.  With this free time, I will write.  I will sit and put my hands on the computer and start to type, trusting that the Divine might help move my fingers in the right places to create something maybe worth reading.  Something interesting and meaningful.  Something that will move someone today.  I know that is a lot to ask,  thinking that the Great Spirit can take time to cast its blessing on one to write a little something with weight, in that short amount of time.  I mean, there's not like there is anything else in the world that needs huge attention right now...    But maybe just wrangling a good word or two might be the one thing someone will need today.  I know that writing makes me feel better.  Reading, walking, singing and seeing people I love, too. 

Maybe you are in a funk today.  Maybe someone in your life is sinking and there is nothing you can do to help.  Let this be your prayer.  Let this be your sign to let you know that God is Good.  People are good.  Your life is in Divine Order.  You are strong.  You are wonderful.  You are here to Love.  You are here to bless others too. 

Been thinking about swings this week.  So come and swing on the big swing with me today.  Take a walk to the nearest park or a school around sunset.  Get yourself on a swing and kick those feet out.  On this ride, let your heart soar!   Crying is good on a swing.  The tears fly off of your face into the wind.  There is great joy in the movement, there is a great relief in letting go.   I have walked to these swings on my saddest of days.  I think God waits by the swings for lonely kids, surly teens, and sad adults.   Maybe God catches that junk you let go when you swing toward the sky.  I sure hope so.

With this free time,  I will say a prayer for you.  I will pray that you are experiencing Holy work.  You are teaching, listening, healing, creating, learning, searching, loving, longing, crying, resting. 

I pray that your spirit finds joy in this day.  I pray that you stumble upon the perfect book, the most delicious cupcake, the most glorious butterfly, the kindest child, the friendliest employee at the DMV.  

I pray that you get to pet the sweetest pup, walk in the light rain, experience the aroma of fresh coffee, laugh the loudest in the library, hit all of the green lights, find the best parking spot at the grocery store.

I pray that you hear from a friend, witness love beyond words, feel deep, run your best mile, and that you have a particularly good hair day.

I kind of sound like I am trying to channel Oprah right now... so without sounding too much like I know how the Big things work in life, I will click "publish" on my essay and send it with love, with one minute to spare and one more prayer for you. 

September 26, 2017
11:33 am

on my way to the PTA thinking about the Universe and how we are all connected and light shit like that


  1. Thank you for being on a writing roll. Thank you for the smiles and for the prayer. Thank you for being Walt's wife and Luke's mom. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. My soul needed this today. Although, I just realized, since the kids grew up, we no longer have a swing here. I need to remedy that.

  3. Beautiful, meaningful, caring words! Lifted me right up! Thank you, friend. That's a good one to keep and reread on those funky days.


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