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So where was I...

Oh yes, Three Trees.

Well they are like Giant Redwoods by now, I guess.  That's how long it has taken me to sit the fanny in the chair and write.   So here we are..  the glorious beginning of May.   Oh how I love May!   It seems to be a friendly month, here in Texas.   Sometimes it can be hot, but the last few springs we have been a wee bit spoiled with abundant wildflowers, beautiful rain and an extra long dose of Southern California weather.   Today is the first day that I actually had to break out the dormant sprinkler for the plants and grass.   It is truly the worst sprinkler ever.  It leaks from the bottom and from the hose connection, making huge puddles,  never quite watering the places that need it.   I know I need to go to Lowes or Home Depot for another, but I always get distracted when I'm there.   Not only are the worker men extremely handsome in their Home Depot Orange vests, but they have things like tile and twine and ratchets and things that I need.  I don'…

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