So where was I...

Oh yes, Three Trees.

Well they are like Giant Redwoods by now, I guess.  That's how long it has taken me to sit the fanny in the chair and write.   So here we are..  the glorious beginning of May.   Oh how I love May!   It seems to be a friendly month, here in Texas.   Sometimes it can be hot, but the last few springs we have been a wee bit spoiled with abundant wildflowers, beautiful rain and an extra long dose of Southern California weather.   Today is the first day that I actually had to break out the dormant sprinkler for the plants and grass.   It is truly the worst sprinkler ever.  It leaks from the bottom and from the hose connection, making huge puddles,  never quite watering the places that need it.   I know I need to go to Lowes or Home Depot for another, but I always get distracted when I'm there.   Not only are the worker men extremely handsome in their Home Depot Orange vests, but they have things like tile and twine and ratchets and things that I need.  I don't know why I just wrote ratchet.  I have never even thought of a ratchet.. I just thought it sounded Home Depot-ish.  Now I have to google "ratchet".  I'll be right with you.

Ah!  I know what a ratchet is! I also learned what a "pawl" is, kind of.  They go together in some sort of fashion.   We have one in our garage (ratchet and pawl) (sounds like an 80's TV cop show) .. so I will not be picking one up today on my Home Depot adventure.  I also learned from the Urban Dictionary that a "ratchet girl" is a diva who thinks she has everyman's eye.  Little info one might need at the club tonight.

So the worst sprinkler ever is trying it's best to water our side yard.  The one good thing it is doing is drowning out worms.  The birds are hovering, waiting for a good catch.  It's a tiny bird paradise sometimes in our back yard.   In the morning, around 6:15 or so, there is one distinct bird that blesses us with it's tune.  Same tune,  every day.  I can't even describe it, but it is sweet and comforting and a sign a spring.   We have seen 2 kinds of hummingbirds so far and a myriad of mourning doves.   Not the smartest bird, the mourning dove.. but it's peaceful just the same.   They enjoy sitting on our chimney and cooing.   It echoes throughout the house.  Maybe it's like their version of us singing in the shower.  Good acoustics.. makes us all sound good.   Maybe we have like the Beyonce' of birds sitting on our chimney and we don't even know it.  Maybe we will get a little bird-rider that states that  she needs special sunflower seeds already cracked.  Organic, of course, from Whole Foods.  Maybe  she will refuse to coo unless her demands are met.  She might send her bird agent to make sure all is right before she takes the chimney stage at 4 pm.  Maybe she will clear her little bird throat and belt out "Better Put a Ring on It" to the other mourning doves to show who is the true diva of Country Squire.  Maybe this is all happening on our roof-universe and we are oblivious to it all.  Maybe I should pay more attention to the mourning doves and not say that they are not smart.  But truly, I did see one waiting underneath the bird feeder for seeds to drop.  Probably the opening act.

We have a lot of sweet things going on in our backyard, but the best one is this:  My little neighbor, Emma,  climbs the Live Oak tree and yells my name to come outside and talk to her.  She is almost 5 years old.  She will come home from pre-school and in her dress and bare feet, she will  climb and then yell, "Tina, Tina, Tina" until I come outside.  We will talk about her day, me on one side of the fence and Emma in the tree.   The dogs inevitably will fight through the fence, even though they have all day to do so.  They just wait to exert their toughness, while we are engaging in conversation.  I will put Ranger back in the house and bring out a 3 cookies for my neighbor.  One for each little girl in her house.  I'm not sure if they cookies ever make it to the other sisters, but that's ok.   We talk about the nice kids at pre-school and one mean kid.  Every so often, I'll try to teach her some sign language... but she has better things to do, like jump down and run and get me a trinket from the yard.  She insists that I keep it.  And I do.  A good trade for three cookies.  When it's time for me to return to my email, she says, "I'll watch you go in".  I open the back door and walk to the window that faces the Live Oak with Emma in it.  I wave and walk away..just out of sight.   Then I'll hear, "I Love You"... every so often.   My heart, my lucky heart.

Beyonce' the bird is back on the chimney.  She must have had her demands met.   Perfect timing to remind me to move the worst sprinkler ever.  What a gorgeous day here on Country Squire.  I think I will take the dog for a walk, so he can fight with the other dogs beyond his sight.  It's a fency world here in the suburbs...but if you listen close enough, maybe you will hear.."All the Single Ladies" form a rooftop ... or an "I love you", from a tree.   And that makes it all worthwhile.  

Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Birthday to my friend, Doug Erwin!

Worst. Sprinkler. Ever.  


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