So no one is named "Buster" anymore.  This sweet, cherubic kid was hanging out at one of our shows and for the life of me I could not remember of his name...but I knew it started with a "B".  Luke and I were trying to remember it together and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Buster".  I haven't spoken that name...well..ever.  Even in instances like, "Hey Buster, get away from my sweet 16 year old Honda CRV."   For some reason, Buster was hanging out in the part of my brain where the "B" names hide.   It made Luke laugh.  That made me feel good.  Now I am going to use the name Buster all of the time,  just to see if I can make the teen laugh.  I will probably start calling him Buster, because I'm fun like that.  "Hey Buster, pick up your clothes."  "Hey Buster, take the dog for a walk.  "Hey Buster, git your diddy a beer."  To my credit, the boy who's B name I could not remember, kind of looked like a Buster.  C'mon.  Say the name with me.  BUSTER.  See, kind of made you laugh too.

Still, I cannot remember that kid's name.  Brandon? Billy? Beau? Bobby? Blake? He is Buster from now on.  Or "Hey Buddy!" That's always safe.   He didn't have a cool name, like "Maverick."  Dang.  Luke has a friend named Maverick.  That dude is set to be a badass.  He is going to be the CEO of the first electric, biodegradable, edible car or something like that.  Plug it in, recycle it or eat it!  It's good for you and the environment!  Like the Tesla guy.  Elon.  Who is named Elon?  The Tesla dude is.  

I have a funny middle name.   I have only seen it a couple of other times.  It's "Gerette."  Wha?  Yes.  Gerette.  It is pronounced like "jer-ette."  The secret is out.  One time, in my wayward 20's, I was kind of talked into trying a stint in commercial acting.  I am not an actress.  But I thought, what the hell...I live in LA,  have friends in the business...how hard could it be?  Then I was kind of talked into using my middle name as my "stage" name.  So I had head shots printed up, faked a resume and set out on my way to being the "20 year old girl with a nice smile", in a Burger King commercial.  Maybe it would buy me a new car!  Maybe it would pay off my student loans!  Maybe I'll meet Tom Cruise!   (before we knew he was a nut-job).  So I had my 5x7 photos, my lame resume, my red dress, my big hair and my best smile on for this audition.  I waited and waited and waited.  Side note...actors and actress must be made of steel.  There is so much tension in the waiting room and so many mean girls wanting their big break, the air was like soup.  Like big, insecure, hair-sprayed, thick soup.  I fortunately, had other plans in life, so this was just a fun side gig that I was going to land.  Give myself an extra couple thousand bucks to play with.  Anyway..back to the success story...  They called many names before me.   Brandy, Candy, Sandy, Mary, Sherry, Kerry, Heather, Heather, Heather...then Gerette.   I just sat there.  Clueless.  Finally, after the door closed, I ran to the receptionist and said, "Um...I am Gerette."  She said, "Well why didn't you answer when the man called your name?"  I told her I was lost in concentration and thinking about my motivation.  She let me in, they took one look at the line of girls and said, Thank you.  No call back.  

Needless to say, my commercial acting career went nowhere...as did my stage name.  I recently looked up "Gerette" as a name on google.  It brought me to this unbelievably beautiful young model who's middle name was Gerette.  Super famous, I might add.  So Gerette did end up "making it"....just not this Gerette.  Another side note...there was an arrest record with a woman named Gerette too..so I guess we all found our way.

One of my best girlfriends gave her daughter Gerette as one of her middle names. (she is so cool, she has two middle names)  She currently is in law school and planning on being our president in 2028...so Gerette will be HUGE after that.  I will humbly smile when they say her full name at the inauguration.

Names are funny.  I think it's interesting to hear the old/new names again.  This little blond girl was at the park and her mom was yelling, "Myrtle...Myrtle..."     Cute?  Horrid?  I'll let you decide.   

Walt wanted to name our son Craig Biggio Wilkins.   Or Merle Wilkins.   I told him Craig Biggio or Merle were not in the Bible, so we went with Luke.  The old Bible trick.   I liked the name Juniper for a girl's name.  But Luke was a boy and Juniper isn't in the Bible either.   Maybe it is...in the paragraph next to frankincense and myrrh.   Luke was the name we chose.  Actually, he was going to be Jake.  But a few days before December 5th, we were sitting at the dinner table and I said.."I love the name Luke."   And Walt loved the name Luke.  Bible, check.  And so it is.

"I am"...state your name. (I know that kind of references Animal House..but seriously, state Your name)   I AM ______.

"I am" are two powerful words.   "I am" means that you exist!   You are here.  You exist.  You are here.  You exist.  You matter.  You are here.  

You matter.  You were born.  Someone gave you your name.  They thought about it.  Maybe even prayed about it.  Then they looked at you and said.."Welcome to the world... Buster!"


I am Kristine Gerette Mitchell Wilkins and I am grateful for you taking time to read my wanderings of the day.

Tuesday, May 10th   3:41 pm   on my way to pick up Luke Mitchell Wilkins from school.  


  1. I've called my grandson, Tommy, "Buster" a lot in play. It really is fun to say. I was named after Sandra Dee who was big in the 50's. But then my family called me Sandy, and I hated that because in our school primer readers "Sandy" was always a boy or a dog. I grew up and accepted it but always wished I had my little sister's name, Shannon. Cool name, but not as cool as Gerette!

  2. Sandy...I have met a lot of dogs with the name "Tina". :) Mostly scruffy little yappy ones too~


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