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Ok..I'm not kidding.  I just spent 2 hours trying to log in to my Love Wins blog.  For some crazyass reason, it kept bouncing me over to my gmail account.  It denied me even having a yahoo account attached to this blog.   I even started a new blog called "Love Still Wins".  But then I got frustrated because I had to design it all over again.  Not that this one is super creative, but designing is not my passion. Then I thought maybe I would do a blog called "Love Wins Even Though I Feel Like Throwing My Computer".  "Love Wins Even When I Am A Lameass and Can't Find My Own Writings".  "Love Wins Even When My Husband Says, You Can't Start a Whole New Blog Because You Can't Find Your Old One".   Maybe it was the Universe telling me that I have ignored writing for the past few...ok ...5 months.  Like OH SURE...NOW you want to write.  I've been waiting waiting waiting for all of those ideas that you had while walking,  to be put down in black and white, for all the world or your 67 readers to read.  Tapping my foot and waiting at the door.  Sure you have been singing and writing candle descriptions,  but what about ME?  Your loyal and friendly blog?  Its like we broke up and I dated some interesting but ultimately incomparable others, then I wanted to get back together again.   So blog decided that it would  just mess with me, even though it really missed me.  But it couldn't just let me waltz on in, like it was no big deal that I was missing in action for the past 4 1/2 months.  It had to ignore me and make me beg a little.  I had to cry some and prove that I was serious this time.  I had to promise that my wild hair days of reading and falling asleep or watching Nashville on Wednesday nights are over.  It's back to writing.  It was right.  Did you hear me?  It was RIGHT.  I was wrong.  I have grown from my wanderings though.  

 The fact is,  I write all of the time.  Just not on the computer.  I have blogs upon blogs in my head.  I'm all blogged up. 

You think by now someone would come up with a better word for these little vignettes other than "blog".  Such an ungraceful word.    Vignette is a pretty word.  Hard to spell, easy on the ears.  Blog.  Easy to spell, weird on the ears.  I have a thing with certain words, as I think I might have told you a couple of writings ago.  Sounds too.   Some sounds just get to me.  Some people have texture they can't eat cottage cheese because of how it feels in their mouth.  That's how some words feel in my mouth, not like cottage cheese, because I like cottage cheese, but texturally some words do not fit.   Like the word "Bledsoe".  For some reason (sorry people with that name)...I cannot say it or hear it without giving that little cringe.  I just cringed a little just typing it.  ew.

I could tell you all of the fun and exciting things that have been happening in the last 5 months, but that would be a very long vignette.  So let me condense:

Let's resume our relationship where we left off,  the middle of November.  Thanksgiving was interesting.  We need a proper table for our friends over 35.  December 5th,  Luke turned 13.  Holy mother, I cannot believe I did not sit down and write about our boy waking up a teenager.  All I can say is, very long showers.  Still a great attitude, but long showers.   Christmas was sweet and fun.  "Concert Window" online live show, fun and will continue to do more.  I turned 50 in January.  A big surprise party was planned and I was indeed surprised.  I loved it.  I would like to turn 50 again, tomorrow.   "Spirit is Ageless" jewelry came out, designed by the talented and lovely Marti Perkins, in honor of our 50th birthdays.  An awesome music video was created for the song, "Ageless", by my friend Jana Pochop with beautiful photos by Robbyn Dodd.  One of the most gratifying things I have ever been a part of.  February held the release of our duet album, "Be Mine".  A  project that took 2 years to complete.  Started it in April of got busy and at times, messy, but we finished it and released it with joy.  It has been great fun to sing with my husband.  We have done many, many shows lately.  I hope he still likes me.  I travel well, but hey, I am no Mystiquero.  I can though change clothes in the front seat on I-35 on the way to a gig, without the truckers seeing that's something.   We are on our second run of 1000 CD's too!  Yay us!    Late February,  Julie Sckittone and I released our MystiCandle project.   We create holy-type candles of our Mystiquero brothers and music friends.  Sounds terribly sacrilegious and to some it may be, but it is meant to fill the world with light and laughter.  Hopefully this comes across.   It has been a total and complete blast to create.   A wild success too.  The end of February I went to a Brazil/Carnival type dance party in Austin to celebrate with my girlfriends.  I have always wanted to go and this was the year.  We danced, had a few whiskeys & did the conga, I think.    We saw painted breasts, loin cloths on men who needed to not be wearing them and many glittery people.  We will probably not return next year.  Good once.  My husband likes my costume though.  March was rainy, chilly and brought us some sad news.  Friends and family leaving this earth to return to their true calling of being angels.  Quickly 2015 is passing by and here we are in the glorious month of April.  We have wildflowers blooming all over the state, because of the abundance of rain.  Opening day of baseball was last week, so all is right with the world.   When one combines baseball, bluebonnets and bbq, it is hard to complain about anything.  Here's a kicker...we get to drive to Gruene Hall next week and open for Loretta Lynn.  If you see me complaining  about anything, be sure to pull me aside and give me a time out.  

Feels good to talk to you again.  I have missed you.   The time does fly.  I hope to capture some thoughts and moments and put them on paper more.  I know it's cathartic for me.  I hope too that you find time to look at the beauty around you.  Thank your Creator for all of the goodness in your life and perhaps eat more ribs.  Unless you are a vegetarian.  Then you will be missing out on one of the world's most delicious creations.  Sorry, but I commend your life choices.   I hope then you can find a bean that takes your breath away.   Perhaps a bean that tastes like ribs.  That would be good.   

Friday, April 10th 2015    10:28 pm

61 degrees with the smell of brownies baking.  Mother of the year nominee for that.


  1. once again, thank you for gracing your (many more than 67!) followers with your charm and positive vibes. life IS so wonderful, isn't it? and, hey, LORETTA LYNN!!!!!!!! enjoy !


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